If you always wanted to create high-quality videos that help you get more leads and customers, then you need to opt for our Professional Video Editing Services. Thanks to our services, you will find it a lot easier to create meaningful content for your audience.

The US China Brand stand outs because we have native experts from both the US and China. As a result, we can easily create content for both Chinese and American clients in their native language. It’s a lot easier to sell products or inform people if you offer them all that information in their native language. It may seem a simple thing, but it makes a lot of sense, and it can definitely bring  your business a huge range of options for sure.

What type of Professional Video Editing Services do you offer?

Our team is vetted in a wide array of video editing services. We can work on just about any video service you want, and we always try to expand our expertise to some new services too. With that in mind, here are some of the best options that we have available:

Custom Whiteboard Animation 

This is a type of whiteboard animation that can be modified according to your needs and instructions. As a result, the animation will still be very reliable and professional, and you can customize it in any way that you may see fit. It’s certainly worth your time and effort.


Custom 2D Animation or Cartoon Explainer

Cartoon explainers are great if you want to offer your customers more information in a way that’s fun, yet memorable. We can also do a wide range of other custom animations for you as well.

3D Models or 3D Animation

If you want your animations to be in 3D or you just need to create powerful 3D models, then we can do that for you as well!


Professional Commercial

Our professional commercials are designed to WOW both American and Chinese audiences. We always try to provide amazing results, and we are fully committed to use the best visuals and story to make your commercial shine.

Breaking News Commercial

Sometimes you want your commercials to be informative, and that’s why we have our breaking news commercial. This service is particularly suitable for customers that want to showcase specific trends or news ideas in a simple manner. The system works great, and we are always ready to provide amazing solutions that you’ll love.


Product Demo

Each product demo is created according to your needs. Our focus is on creating a demo that’s explanatory, professional and which entices people to purchase from you.


Spokesperson Video

This type of video works well if you want to share some information with your audience. It’s very distinct, reliable and it also encourages customers to visit your site and purchase products!


Hollywood-like Movie Trailer

Thanks to this type of trailer, you will gain more leads and customers. This is very important if you want to amaze your client base with your offer!


Hollywood-like Event Opener

Our event openers are interesting, unique, and always spark interest in your event. It's certainly one of the best ideas that you can have, and you will love the results.


Don’t hesitate to try out our Professional Video Editing Services. Thanks to us, you can get more customers and improve your company’s exposure without too much hassle. Contact us now for more information regarding this revolutionary service!


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