The people who dismiss and ignore public relations services are those who have no access to it! You will be surprised to know that top news media outlets, such as Forbes, The New York Times, and MSNBC, have the largest consumer base a brand could ever benefit from! We can help you get your business featured on the top news websites, such as Forbes, The New York Times, and MSNBC and boost your brand credibility and visibility. 

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Bring in the Advantage of Effective Services, by Experts 
You will enjoy the attention and the visibility your brand receives upon being featured on hundreds of top news media outlets. You will be able to reach out to millions of market influencers and potential customers. 

Your Brand Story Will be Shared Around the World 
Your news will be distributed to top-tier online news media outlets such as 

•    Forbes 
•    MSNBC 
•    The New York Times 
•    Reuters 
•    Bloomberg
•    Wall Street Journal 
•    CNN
•    International Business Times 
•    USA Today
•    Yahoo Finance 
•    Benzinga
•    Entrepreneur
•    Washington Post 
•    Associated Press 
•    Huffington Post
•    Buzzfeed 
•    World News 
•    Medium 
•    PBS
•    ABC 
•    NBC
•    FOX 
•    CBS
•    CW
•    Google News 
•    Yahoo News
•    Nasdaq 
•    Zacks
•    Dow Jones 
•    Business Insider 
•    MSN 
•    Financial Content 
•    Market Watch
•    Morningstar 
•    4-traders 
•    StarTribune 

And many more!

All these platforms are trusted by customers, which means that you can easily gain their trust and increase your brand’s credibility in the market. 

Grab the Attention of Major Media Influencers 
When your business is featured on top news media outlets you can let the entire world know about your services and products. Even at an early stage of your business, you can easily go global!

Save Your Time and Money 
One of the biggest benefits of being featured on top news media outlets is that they will help you to save some money on marketing. You only pay once, and your business will remain featured for a long time. 


Attract Viewers to Boost Visibility 
When your business is featured on trustworthy sites that are well-known in the industry, you will automatically get recommendations from visitors. They will view your products and services, and recommend you to friends too. It is the best way to increase sales because people trust a recommendation from a friend more than anything else. 


Benefits of Choosing Our Services

We have the best team of experts, and they know how to get your business featured on the top news media outlets. 
•    Your business will be featured on the top news media outlets, and this will allow you to share your brand around the world.
•    We will optimize rich visual content that will drive active.
•    Being featured on the top news media outlets means that you could become successful overnight. 

No matter how big or small your brand is, and no matter how effective your current marketing initiatives may be; there is nothing more impactful than making your presence across the top news media outlets. 

Forbes is one of the most renowned publications in the US. It’s in the top 10 most influential magazines in the world, and it’s published once every two weeks. It was created in 1917, and it has continually informed people about news, trends, and critiques.


MSNBC was the second most watched cable news network in prime time for February 2017. has a Domain Authority of 91 and is the online portal of MSNBC cable news channel. Your press release will be published on


The New York Times
As the name suggests, The New York Times is one of the most influential American newspapers. While it mostly focuses on the Big Apple and neighboring regions, it also touches on and deals with a variety of national events. 

Reuters is the best news agency in the world. When people want to find news or refer to an event, they always use Reuters as their source. This company brings all the latest news from all over the world in a simple, yet approachable format that everyone can read. It’s an UK based company. 

Bloomberg’s focus is on delivering some of the best market and business news. It focuses a lot on video creation and data analysis, but it’s also the primary source for many studies and features stories from a variety of industries.

Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal is the best financial newspaper in the world. It is published in a huge range of countries, and it covers some of the most important and iconic financial news on a day-to-day basis. It’s a newspaper with a history that spans over 130 years.

CNN is one of the largest news TV stations in the world. Not only is it one of the oldest broadcasting networks, it’s also one of the most revered on the market too. If you want to make sure that you reach a lot of people with your ideas, then CNN is the right TV station to use.

International Business Times
International Business Times is an online publication focused mostly on financial and business news. If you have a business and want to stay up to date with the latest industry news, the International Business Times is one of the most revered sources of information.

USA Today
USA Today is one of the top three newspapers in the United States. It covers all sorts of topics, from politics to life, sports, and national events. What makes it very important is the fact that it comes with a huge following and it brings only valid news.

Yahoo Finance
Yahoo Finance is the financial-themed online presence offered by Yahoo. Some of the best finance analysts and experts in the world work for Yahoo Finance, which makes this one of the top places to get financial information.

Benzinga is perhaps the best place in the world if you want to get trading ideas, financial insight and real-time news about the trading world. It's definitely one of the crucial places for those who want to make the right trade and figure out the best solutions.

Entrepreneur is one of the most important magazines and website for entrepreneurs all over the world. It has achieved a cult status thanks to its unique approach, amazing article quality and outstanding features which showcase the most prominent entrepreneurs on the market.

The Washington Post
The Washington Post is the largest Washington-based newspaper. In addition, it’s widely regarded as one of the oldest publications in the US, as well as one of the best and most reliable newspapers in the entire world. Created in 1877, the publication has provided amazing information and material for people all over the world.

Associated Press
Associated Press is the ultimate news agency in the US and one of the best in the world. With around 243 offices all over the world and thousands of employees, Associated Press delivers accurate and very professional news to all its peers.

Huffington Post
Huffington Post is a news website created in 2005 by Arianna Huffington and partners. The website has managed to become one of the best sources of information for politics, world info, US news and so on. They also have features, blogs, and other great informational pieces.

If you want to find the best, trending, latest news on the web, then BuzzFeed has got you covered. From viral pieces to videos, lists, celeb news, DIY hacks and so on, BuzzFeed has it all. It has continually evolved into a boutique website, and here you can really find anything you need without any restrictions.

World News
People from all over the world consider World News to be one of the most helpful and prominent news outlets out there. What the site does is offer a news aggregation solution. So, if you want to find relevant information about your local area or worldwide content, this is the right way to do it.

Medium is one of the most popular websites focused on stories. You can share the company story, brand outline and other relevant information rather quickly. The website hosts posts which are intricate, very easy to read and insightful.


The Public Broadcasting Service is all about offering TV shows, political content, news analysis, music and art content and so on. It was created in 1994 as a variety channel, and since then, it has continually evolved into one of the top news and video outlets on the market.

ABC is a TV company owned by Disney. They offer some of the most accurate and reliable news, headlines, and videos. You will also find maybe the best TV shows and entertainment content here too. That makes it one of the best outlets for company promotion.

The National Broadcasting Company is all about creating some of the best and most impressive TV pieces out there. Moreover, they have been around for more than 90 years and are cherished as one of the most revered TV stations in the US. If you want to promote your business and content, then this is one of the best channels to do it!

Fox Broadcasting Company was created in 1986, and since then it has become one of the most relevant TV stations in the world. Not only does it have some of the best news stations, it also delivers amazing original content to its audience.

CBS is an US-based broadcasting company whose focus is on offering high-quality TV shows, news, and a good insight into how life in the USA really is. It broadcasts many major hit series, which makes it one of the best places to showcase your ads.

The CW Television Network is a US-based broadcasting company known for its really good television originals and a huge variety of teen and adult-oriented content. It’s connected to CBS, but at the same time, it caters to other audiences.

Google News
Google’s news service is one of the most important and interesting news systems that you can find. Since a lot of people read Google News, this is the ultimate way for you to reach new customers, and to promote your business naturally.

Yahoo News
Yahoo offers some of the major search engines on the planet. At the same time, it also has a stellar news service that comes with its own set of categories. If you’re interested in growing your business, Yahoo News is definitely one of the best ways to get exposure.

NASDAQ is one of the most important business websites out there. It offers content related to investing, markets, personal finances, and businesses. It also delivers market intelligence content and a variety of other topics to its customers.


Zacks is perhaps the best company when it comes to investment research. If you want to start investing your money in the stock market, then Zacks is one of the best options. It’s extremely powerful, reliable, and one of the very best solutions to promote your business.

Dow Jones
Dow Jones is a great website, focused on offering industry-leading data, analytics and news. It's designed for the finance professionals and delivers stellar content, including finance and investments, and it’s a revered source for most industry professionals.

Business Insider
Business Insider is a website focused on offering an understanding of topics like media, tech, finances, investing and other industry verticals. It was created in 2009, and has continued to grow , delivering stellar information about the US business environment!

Microsoft’s network is a revered source for industry professionals. MSN is a web portal, and it features all the content you need in order to generate more leads and conversions. The best part about it is that it caters to multiple countries, so you can easily operate targeted marketing if you need to!

Financial Content
Financial Content is a website focused on offering some of the best business news and stock quotes on the planet. It’s one of the best places to get relevant information about the financial sector. The value you can obtain here is really high, and they are extremely good at outlining great ideas in a reliable, efficient way. That makes them one of the best places to promote your financial company online.

Market Watch
Market Watch is designed to offer you all the necessary information you need about the stock market. You can create your own watch list, read news about the stock market, and identify opportunities. All of this is offered in one of the best and most efficient ways to access quality content in the online world.

Morningstar is an independent investment research website. It’s one of the best in the industry because it has true professionals that share these ideas, and bring you all the relevant information you need. You can check the market indexes, and also get tools, advisor info and so on.

Everything related to the stock market, finances, indexes, forex trading strategies, and commodities goes through this website. It’s an extremely popular, very interesting and important website that offers you relevant information about the investment world, and how you can make the most out of it.

Star Tribune
If you are targeting the Twin Cities with your content and business, then promoting your stuff with the Star Tribune is a very good idea. The exposure you can obtain here is huge, and the results are well worth it for sure. Plus, the Star Tribune is widely regarded as one of the major websites for people that want relevant info about Minneapolis and the surrounding areas.