If you’re looking to get your social exposure to the next level, then you’re in the right place. At US China Brand, we specialize in exposing our clients’ businesses to the largest consumer market in the world: China. Getting a good social presence in this ever-evolving consumer market can help your business by leaps and bounds. With over 5,000 distribution networks in China, we can provide you with a top-notch public relations service. We’re here to help you to get featured on the major Chinese Media Outlets such as:

  • China Central Television (CCTV)

  • China.com

  • China News

  • Xinhua

  • People’s Daily

  • Tencent

  • Sohu

  • Sina

  • Phoenix

  • Netease

  • Toutiao

  • Guangming Daily


These are just a few examples of the top Chinese Media Outlets that we can get featured on. The list is bigger with several other mediums.

Benefits of Working with Us

We provide a wide variety of services regarding the public relations sector for your business. We believe in walking the talk, not just talking the talk. Here are a few benefits that you get by working with us.

Exposure to the largest Consumer Market

China is the largest consumer market in the world. With about 5.29% of the total consumers in the world, China is a must-do business market for your brand or business. With about 1.3 billion in population, the Chinese consumer market provides you with endless business opportunities. Exposure to such a market can only make your business reach new heights.

Brand Visibility

Every brand’s success depends on its exposure and visibility. To help you in this aspect, we have a committed and dedicated team of branding experts who can take your brand to the masses. There is huge competition in today’s market. You can benefit immeasurably by working with a dedicated team like us to meet your branding needs and eventually develop your business.

Digital Influence

Who doesn’t use the internet today? Almost everyone has access to the internet and follow digital media in their daily lives. Gone are the days of print media, it’s now a digital medium. Having your brand influence in the digital space is  essential for your business. Let us take care of it with the help of our highly efficient team of digital influence agents.