No matter what field you are from, you need to know what’s happening across the world to be able to keep pace and make your presence felt. Think of it this way, don’t we all read the newspapers, watch news channels or even read news online for the same reason- to know what’s happening around us? It’s all about being updated and informed.

This is the reason we believe that brands can drive in great success by making their presence across widely viewed news portals, across different mediums. We can help you get your business featured on many major newspapers and news sites to enhance brand visibility. We are confident that this strategy towards enhancing brand visibility and identity will bring in great profits for your brand. Major newspapers and news sites receive millions and even billions of daily views; in fact, most have a very extensive loyal viewership. We can help publish your news or articles across powerful platforms like:

  • Digital Journal

  • WND

  • AZcentral

  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

  • Daily Herald 

  • Buffalo News

  • NewsOK

  • Ask

  • Industry Week

  • Travel Weekly

  • Minyanville



And many more!

Being published on such popular and trusted platforms will give you a chance to gain the trust of your potential customers and expand your reach globally.

What this means for your brand?

Your Business Will be Featured Around the Globe

All kinds of consumers read online newspapers or news sites, so the chances of attracting them are much higher through this initiative. When consumers notice that you have been featured on some of the best newspapers and news sites in the world, they will automatically trust your products or services, and you brand will leave a positive impression on their mind.

You Can Attract New and More Viewers

Since online newspapers and news sites have millions, and even billions of readers, many of them will be your target customers. An online presence will help you to get a recommendation, and after a few days, when you check your analytical report, you will notice a positive growth. It will increase your sales because customers prefer featured brands.

Build Brand Preference and Drive Demand

When your business is featured on major newspapers and news sites, you will notice that it will bring in the benefits of global marketing. The reason is that these sites are accessible to everyone, across the world. When your potential customers see your company featured on these sites, the chances of them reaching out to you and making transactions will increase immensely.

Benefits of Our Services:


  • Your business will be featured on all the major online newspapers and news sites and allow you to spread your brand across the world.

  • We have the industry’s strongest network, including over 10000 news media outlets and over 1000 social media networks around the world.

  • We will optimize rich visual content that will drive active and positive results.

  • You will be able to grab the attention of business professionals and consumers, across the world.

Allow us to drive unbound success for your brand!

Digital Journal 

Digital Journal is considered the epitome of digital media networks. It allows you to connect with thousands of journalists, and it also makes it very easy for readers to gain access to some of the latest and most relevant information offered online.

WorldNetDaily is perhaps one of the most revered websites when it comes to news and opinion. They cover everything here, from politics to cartoons, to the world economy. The website is all about bringing in the news that matters, and it does a great job at that.

AZcentral offers the latest and the best news for Arizona and Phoenix. If you want to share information about a business that's in this region, AZcentral is by far one of the best sites and newspapers to do it in. The AZcentral newspaper is generalized, so they do deliver a ton of content here.


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
As the name suggests, this is the most popular gazette for the entire region of Pittsburgh. It’s an amazing newspaper that features business and sports, plus local and other relevant information. The newspaper has actually received a lot of awards too, in recognition for the great results that it has delivered for the region.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel covers both Milwaukee and Wisconsin news. From opinion pieces to local content, packers or sports, all of these features are brought in via a great, exquisite and powerful package that everyone will like.


Daily Herald
Daily Herald is a reputable newspaper created specifically for suburban Chicago. If you want to promote your business in this area, the Daily Herald is by far one of the best options for you to consider. It offers great sports and local—even legal—news, and other great content.


Buffalo News
Buffalo News is owned by Warren Buffett, and it's one of the best newspapers that is active in the New York area. Not only does it provide stellar information about New York, but it’s created to offer high standard pieces that you can rely upon. That alone makes it relevant for NY residents.


NewsOK brings in the very best sports, weather and local news for people who live in Oklahoma. It’s a very good tool to promote your business in that area, and it delivers a huge array of features and benefits. It’s amazingly interesting, productive and well worth your time.

Ask is a site designed to deliver a variety of answers and information that you need on the spot. Not only does it bring the latest news, but it also offers great advice. It’s a great promotional site if you need that type of feature.

Industry Week
Every manufacturer uses Industry Week in order to stay up to date with the latest trends in workforce management, leadership, and operations. This makes Industry Week one of the most relevant indus
try-related outlets in the world.


Travel Weekly
Travel Weekly’s approach is to bring you the very best b2b news resources in the travel industry. If you want to get travel related news, as well as travel jobs or if you want to initiate a job search for the industry, this is the place to do it.

Minyanville is the best in the business when it comes to offering financial information, education, entertainment, market commentary and so on. It really is the best when it comes to the stock market, so you should check it out.

The Press-Enterprise
The Press-Enterprise features local news for the Riverside County, and it also promotes businesses in that area. The benefit here is that the results are more than impressive. 


Silicon Investor 
Silicon Investor showcases some of the best investment information in the world. It allows you to study the local and international markets, allowing you to identify any potential opportunities as you generate more leads and customers with no major hassle.


The Post and Mail
The Post and Mail delivers comprehensive and professional information that you can rely upon. They bring in front videos, news as well as a variety of informational pieces which can help you showcase your business in meaningful and unique ways.


 The Network Journal 
The Network Journal is created for black professionals and entrepreneurs who want to connect with one another and evolve their business. If you’re a black entrepreneur and you want to generate more connections or receive more business exposure, The Network Journal can help you.


The Evening Leader
The Evening Leader is a leading website that’s all about offering you professional information about sports, leadership, and news. Here you can also find entertainment, classified advertisements, obituaries, and other great content in a single package.


Morning News 
Morning News is an outstanding website that delivers to people all the latest news. Thanks to Morning News, people from all over the US can access the best and most interesting news available. The return on investment can be really good, and the results will pay off well.