Brand design is an extremely important aspect of any company, big or small. A unique brand allows people to recognize it almost instantly, and this has a huge impact on the growth of the company, and on sales. Good brand recognition translates to good leads, which convert to good sales, and to the overall growth of the company. There are certain aspects that a brand design company must think through before creating the logo or brochure for a particular brand.


A good design, such as a logo, brochure, presentation or poster resonates well with people, and helps the company reach out to a much wider audience. US China Brand follows these important steps to ensure that your brand is the unique one amongst the crowd, and shines like a diamond.

Displaying Cultural Value

Cultural sensitivity is one of the most important aspects of brand designing. People want to see what the company has to offer, only if it appeals to them. US China Brand does just that, and more. Our brand design service, which, includes logos, presentations and brochures, goes the extra mile just to improve the company’s cultural sense, so that it appeals to all members of society, across all ethnicities.

Designing in Multiple Languages

US China Brand provides all services in English as well as Chinese. This helps the company for which the brand is being designed to capture most of the market throughout the world. English is a universally followed and understood language, and adding Chinese to it is logical, since China is one of the fastest growing economies. This allows the company to reach a worldwide audience, which, ultimately, increases the number of customers. More reach converts to more customers.

Unique and High-Quality Design

Using multiple languages and displaying cultural value does not suffice on their own. The design or presentation must be unique, and of the highest quality. US China Brand ensures that each and every one of its designs is high end. An original copy of the design is included in every order for the client’s satisfaction.

A logo has a lot of functions, it represents the whole company, and its philosophy. A logo has to be unique and memorable; it should also connect to the people so that they identify with it. Here at US China Brand, we take extra care to understand our clients’ requirements and create their logos accordingly. A professional logo will help people to remember the company.

A banner is a fun way to promote any company, but banners require a creative angle, and US China Banner’s creative team handles the challenges perfectly. Our designers help the clients to get their message across, while maintaining the creative side, including the use of special visual effects.

A poster is another powerful way to display the products and services a company has. Posters grab attention easily, hence they are one of the best ways to promote a company and boost its presence, both online and offline. On top of that, posters can be mass produced at a fairly low cost, thus enabling people to learn about the company very easily. Posters require a certain hint of creativity, and our creative team members

Presentations are the life of boardroom meetings and conferences. It is also used amongst the masses to promote a company, and to get the people associated with it. A slick presentation with good graphics and informative text will not only catch attention, but will also be informative enough to guide people in the right direction. Presentation design requires all of the above skills and more. US China Brand design offers the best presentation services in the market at an affordable cost.

A brochure lists all the details of the company and the products/services it offers. The advantage of a brochure over a poster or banner is that it can be handed out to individual prospective customers who will, in turn, read the brochure, and depending upon their interest, may finally become a customer. Thus, a brochure is a powerful tool for generating leads, and if it is properly designed and written, it may change the fate of the company overnight. Our team handles brochure making, and all the significant details involved with it, and we can guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the end results.

As the name suggests, infographics is a blend of information and graphics that represent a company’s or an organization’s position, its products or services, sales, and many other details. Some of the information and visual elements of the infographics are graphs, visual diagrams, charts, tables, descriptions, networks, hierarchies, and maps. Their main advantage is the ease of its usage and interpretation. Since it conveys a lot of information in a short amount of time, and also due to its ability to engage people with visually interesting graphics, infographics are a hit amongst many companies. Our team creates stunning visuals with the tiniest of details embedded within them, to engage people and to generate interest among them.