Increase your brand’s visibility with stunning photos and video clips on none other than NASDAQ LED screen in New York’s Times Square. A wonderful location for advertising, the NASDAQ LED screen stands apart from the crowd as it possesses the potential to attract around 1.5 million people. Moreover, Times Square is a business hub, and any advertisement displayed there has really bright chances! The NASDAQ LED screen is an astonishing digital sign which can add zeal to your advertising photos or videos. Tempted? We at US China Brand can assist you in actually getting your brand’s photographs or videos displayed on the most prestigious advertising site in the world.

Our Services

US China Brand has a well-skilled team which holds the expertise in creating and displaying mesmerizing photographs and videos. This means that we can even design that much-desired advertising photo or video to be displayed on the NASDAQ LED screen for your brand.


Imagine! Your company’s logo or video being exhibited on the most watched tower screen in the world! We can make that happen, with our professional skills and long experience. The NASDAQ LED screen is located in a position which gives it the advantage of being watched by millions of people. In fact, its height cannot be ignored that easily. This is the reason why it is considered a superb advertising site, and we can create impressive advertisements for your brands to take advantage of it.

Benefits of Our Services

  • We can lend a helping hand in increasing your brand’s visibility.

  • Your brand’s name gets a wider audience attention.

  • Your brand gets that much-desired exposure.

  • It will be difficult for people to ignore your advertisements

  • This will surely improve your brand's credibility in the market.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact US China Brand to get your company’s name displayed in bright colors on the most desirable advertising platform, the NASDAQ LED Screen in New York’s Times Square.