Acceptable Copy Guidelines for the US China Brand’s Public Relations Services

Before issuing a press release over the US China Brand’s Public Relations Services, you will have to confirm that you have the right to do so and that you have read and understood the Full Terms & Conditions of the US China Brand’s Public Relations Services.  If you have any doubt on either of these points, please do not use these services. News or articles that do not conform with the requirements set out below may not be distributed.


Material News

Certain material news relating to public companies is not appropriate for the US China Brand’s Public Relations Services and may be rejected for distribution (e.g. earnings releases, merger and acquisition announcements, c-level personnel announcements and dividend releases). 


Copyrighted Material

All material transmitted by US China Brand may be used by the media with or without attribution. We do not transmit material that is copyrighted by someone other than the source of the press release. For example, US China Brand would not distribute a news or article that appeared in another publication unless we have written authorization from the publication itself.


Defamatory, Inflammatory or Potentially Libelous Copy

You may not use the US China Brand’s Public Relations Services to distribute press releases that are potentially defamatory, inflammatory or libelous. The injured party may be a living individual, business, corporation or association. Examples of press releases that potentially could be libelous are those containing allegations of crime, immoral or unethical actions, financial irresponsibility or professional incompetence.



US China Brand will not issue press releases regarding lawsuits of any kind.


Celebrity Endorsements

You may not send press releases through the US China Brand’s Public Relations Services that directly link a celebrity to a product unless that celebrity is a paid spokesperson for that product or has otherwise authorized the use of their name/likeness.


Stock Symbols, Tips & Recommendations

If you are a public company, you must include your stock ticker to ensure your press release can be indexed properly on the investor websites and databases. Please use this format




Publicly traded companies using the US China Brand’s Public Relations Services must include their ticker symbol in every press release they issue. However, US China Brand permits the use of a third party's ticker symbol only with advanced written permission from that third party. For example:


  • Companies whose products are sold, bundled, packaged or compatible with those of another company (common in the software industry) must get approval from the company being referenced in their press release before the other company’s ticker will be included in the story.

  • Companies who list the names of their prominent customers in their press releases must obtain approval from those customers before US China Brand will include the associated ticker symbols.


You may not reference a competing company’s ticker in a press release. US China Brand’s editorial staff will remove the inappropriate ticker symbols before transmitting the press release. 

Once issued by US China Brand, press releases are routinely posted by Internet investment sites and online services that may or may not have their own policies regarding the indexing and posting of news from public companies. There is no guarantee that a US China Brand press release containing multiple ticker symbols -- even with the approval of the companies to whom those tickers belong -- will carry all the symbols when posted by these third party online services. 

Online Gaming

You may not distribute press releases through the US China Brand’s Public Relations Services related to online gaming, including if they link to websites that allow users to place bets for money or directs users to a site that allows them to place bets. Press releases that take users to a “practice or instructional site” may be permitted, as are press releases from brick & mortar gaming businesses such as those that manufacture slot machines or brick & mortar casinos.